Yesterday at the Learn To Quilt class in Limberlost

Another busy Tuesday!  Many of the quilters either dropped in for a moment to show us what they made at home this past week, or stayed the whole class to sew.  Thankfully we had lots of volunteers as we were running upstairs and downstairs getting everything done.

Lisa came for a visit and showed her two rag quilts she made at home this past week.  They are both baby quilts and the flannel fabric is adorable!  She now just needs to wash them, so her cut edges will fray.

Here are her two quilts.

IMG_0504 IMG_0506


Nikki finished putting her last border and corner blocks on her son’s quilt and then Irene showed both Nikki and I how to pin baste.  I have heard of pin basting- but never in my 17 years as a quilter, have I ever done such an awful task!  Pin basting is the worst!  Makes me once again thankful I am a long arm quilter!  The 3 of us had the quilt basted in no time, which was probably a good thing as I am sure Irene was tired of listening to me complain about pin basting.



Do you see how many darn pins are in this quilt!  It was awful I tell you!

And here is a photo of a few of the ties that Nikki is learning to make.  She wanted to tie this quilt instead of me machine quilting it.  Since she is always working on some quilting project at home, she will probably have this finished for next week’s class!



Downstairs, Leanne and Hiba were working on piecing their blocks and quilt tops.  Leanne is working on a flannel rag quilt.


Hiba was able to sew the last row of her quilt blocks together, so that the centre of her quilt is finished.  She would now like to add borders to the blocks to finish her quilt top.  Here are her blocks so far.



As you can see, a very productive week once again!

Willy spent most of the time working on 2 newly donated sewing machines.  She is our resident machine fixer upper and boy did she have her work cut out for her this week.  Happy to report that by the end of the morning, both machines were tuned up and ready to use!  Thanks so much Willy- you are awesome!

We are also lucky to have received a donation of fabric for this programme.  5 very heavy bags of large pieces of all kinds of colours! Thank you Chloe for donating some of your stash!  Next week I will be picking up some more fabric so we will have lots for one of our volunteers Veronica to organize.  What would we do without her?


SO great to see everyone on Tuesday, and can’t wait for next week! Thanks everyone!


  1. Jessie Amery says:

    Wow I can’t believe how much I missed in 2 weeks. The rag quilts finished I’ve learned so much from you great quilters. Thanks for the pictures. Jessie

    • Jessie Amery says:

      Wow, I can’t believe how much I missed over two weeks. It’s great to see the rag quilts in progress and then finished. I’ve learned so much from you great quilters. Your pictures are so great to see. Thanks, see you Tuesday. Jessie

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