My Favourite Quilts at QuiltCon- where to start?

There were so many fantastic quilts at QuiltCon- it is so hard to choose which ones to post up for you to see.  And believe me there is no rhyme or reason to which quilts I post- so many different styles of quilting, so many different fabrics, so many talented quilters etc.

So here goes…..

50 Shades of Geese- Patricia Roche (Modern Traditionalism category)

50 Shades of Geese- Patricia Roche

 Close up of the awesome quilting.


 Bauhaus Revisited- Rebecca Burnett (Small Quilts category)

Bauhaus Revisited-Rebecca Burnett

 Blocks from the Crayon Box- Carolyn Griffith (Improvisation category)

Blocks from the Crayon Box- Carolyn Griffith

 Lite Brite- Maria Shell (Improvisational category)

Lite Brite- Maria Shell

 Breathe- Leanne Chahley (Minimalist category)

Breathe- Leanne Chahley


 Coral Reef- Maria Varner (Piecing category)

Coral Reef- Maria Varner

 Cycles 2- Leanne Chahley (Negative Space category)

Cycles 2-Leanne Chahley

 Close up of match stick quilting- multi coloured threads.


 Deconstructed Lone Star- Amy Struckmeyer (Modern Traditionalism category)

Deconstructed Lone Star- Amy Struckmeyer

 Diamond Dust- Doris Burnette (2014 Riley Blake Challenge winner) (Negative Space category)

Diamond Dust- Doris Burnette

 Close up of ghost quilting.


 Diving Geese- Quilted by Krista Withers and pieced by Katie Pederson

(won Best Machine Quilting)

Diving Geese- Krista Withers: Katie Pederson

 Do Good Stitches Category- Ascent

Do Good Stitches- Ascent

 Do Good Stitches Category- Icicles

Do Good Stitches- Icicles

 Do Good Stitches Category- Rainbow Triangles

Do Good Stitches- Rainbow Triangles

 Do Good Stitches Category- Sunset Stripes

Do Good Stitches- Sunset Stripes

 Ducks In A Row- Rebecca Bryan (LOVE HER QUILTS) (Modern Traditionalism category)

Ducks in a Row- Rebecca Bryan

 Emerald City- Charlotte Newland (Improvisational category)

Emerald City- Charlotte Newland

 Equalizer- Cheryl Arkison (Negative Space category)

Equalizer- Cheryl Arkison

 Fade Into Grey- Stephanie Ruyle (Improvisation category)

Fade Into Grey-Stephanie Ruyle

 Fade to Black- Sarah Lowry (awesome Metallica song!) (Improvisation category)

Fade To Black- Sarah Lowry

 Fallout- Michelle Lieberson (Negative Space category)

Fallout- Michelle Lieberson

 Close up of quilting.


 Floating- Jean Larson (Negative Space category)

Floating- Jean Larson

 For Tanya- Emily Coffey (Improvisation category)

For Tanya- Emily Coffey

 Fractured Churn Dash- Erin Davis (MM Fabric Challenge category)

Fractured Churn Dash- Erin Davis

 Geometric Rainbow- Nichole Daksiewicz (Hand Work Category)

Geometric Rainbow- NIchole Daksiewicz

 Untitled- Heather Jones (can’t wait for her book this fall!) (Improvisation category)

Heather Jones

 Icy Waters- Amy Garro (Piecing category)

Icy Waters- Amy Garro

 Close up of the quilting.


 Here is the London Modern Quilt Guild Canada’s charity quilt.


 Here is my quilt that I entered in the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.


 Lemonade- Susan Strong (Piecing category)

Lemonade- Susan Strong

 Meandering- Pam McCalle (Minimalist category)

Meandering Pam McCalle

 Close up of machine quilting.


 Moving Target- Christine Perrigo (how did this not win best machine quilting?) (Bias Tape category)

Moving Target-Christine Perrigo

Close up of fantastic quilting!








 Neighbourhood- Michelle Wilkie  (Small Quilts category)

Neighbourhood- MIchelle Wilkie

 Passages- Patty Simmons (MM Fabric Challenge category)

Passages- Patty Simmons

 Peace- Leanne Chahley (Piecing category)

Peace-Leanne Chahley

Percolate- Emily Cier (this is a really interesting quilt) (Group Quilt category)

Percolate- Emily Cier

 Close up of quilting.


 Pick Up Sticks- Becky Goldsmith (Minimalist category)

Pick Up Sticks- Becky Goldsmith

 Rainbow Remix- Rebecca Bryan (Improvisation category)

Rainbow Remix- Rebecca Bryan

 Scatter- Amanda Hines (Minimalist category)

Scatter- Amanda Hines

 Somewhat Herringbone- Dorie Schwartz (Use of Negative Space category)

Somewhat Herringbone- DorieSchwartz

 The Light of May- Krista Hennebury (MM Fabric Challenge category)

The LIght of May- Krista Hennebury

 The New New- Any Anderson (MM Fabric Challenge category)

The New New- Amy Anderson

 The Power of Three- Kristin Shields (Piecing category)

The Power of Three- Kristin Shields

 Transposition- Anne Hammond (Improvisation category)

Transposition- Anne Hammond

 Triangles Quilt- Tara Faughnan (Piecing category)

Triangles Quilt- Tara Faughnan


So there are my favourite quilts from the show- what do you think of them? I loved this quilt show compared to the traditional quilt shows as the quilts were so new and fresh and no two were the same.  Seeing something so different was inspiring!


Please let me know if I have any names spelled incorrectly or the names of the quilts in the wrong category, it was hard to read the photo of the cards hanging with the quilts.  I will correct ASAP!


  1. Helen Hubert says:

    Kristyn, I totally agree about the quilting on Moving Target. It’s fabulous. Thanks so much for posting the pics. I’d love to get to that show one day.

    • Kristyn says:


      I am surprised that stalking you on the show floor, I didn’t have a photo with you in it off to the side! Looking at some blogs, I noticed there were quilts I didn’t think I had seen. So next time I either need to take more time at the show and not miss anything, or take a photo of each and every quilt so I don’t miss anything.

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