Delayed Q1 Update and Q2 Predictions

I am away at retreat this weekend, and have FAST internet- something I am not used to! So I will take a few minutes and type a huge post of everything I have been working on and what I hope to be working on.

First of all, I have to show you this cute little paper pieced flying geese pin cushion I made this weekend.  with each colour I added and then looked at what was pieced, I kept saying how cute it was.  So here is what it looks like before the stuffing, since I left it at home.  This will be the first thing I finish when I get back.  This is a pattern from Jeli Quilts.  Kelly has so many adorable geese block patterns, have a look at her website!

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 9.46.32 AM


Earlier in the year I made a very minimal quilt with some soft colours that remind me of sea glass.  This has been added to my machine quilting To Do pile.


And I have to quilt my Glam Garlands quilt too.


Since I had so much yellow and grey fabrics, I decided to use them for my Rebel quilt.  Libs Elliott  designs some awesome quilts and saw that there was a QAL on IG for the Rebel quilt. So I signed up ASAP as this is a quilt I really wanted to do, just needed some incentive.

Don’t you just love it?  And just this weekend Libs posted a link to her Rebel quilt in a mini size, so I will for sure use up my left overs for a mini quilt.


I was hoping to accomplish a lot on my retreat weekend, so this is the second quilt I worked on.  Last week I volunteered to be a pattern tester for Christina from A Few Scraps and her Magic Carpet quilt.   Her quilt looked so awesome and depending on the fabric selection, it looked 3D.



While I was sewing a friend noticed my fabrics looked like the Kleenex box on the table.  I was so coordinated!



Here is the finished quilt top- the fabrics range from Kona Silver, through the greys up to Black.



Then my last quilt I wanted to piece together was one I saw at a booth in QuiltCon.  The sample was made with Carolyn Friedlander’s Doe fabrics.  I didn’t get the top finished, as we lost power for most of the afternoon yesterday.  I did get the strips pieced and then sewn into the rows.



The next step is the sashing/ borders, but I need to cut that fabric very specifically to keep the pattern going the same direction.  I will work on this at home, so I can take my time.  I finished the bolt and don’t want to make any mistakes as I don’t have a lot of it.

Another IG friend is hosting a Rainbow Mini Swap.  Here is what I made to swap with my partner, but unfortunately I am on the “hold” list for sending it out.  Hurry up partner and get your mini finished, so that I can send this to you.  I just love it!  I made it with the Slice and Insert technique that Jacquie Gering taught in her workshop when she was here last year.



And here is my MQG Riley Blake Fabric Challenge entry.  The fabrics that were supplies were adorable, and I had so much fun Improv piecing this mini quilt.



And lastly, here is a new Barn Quilt sign I had made so I can put it on my front lawn for people to find my house easier.  After moving, I am worried that it is a bit hard to find my house, so wanted to give something easy to spot when driving by.




That’s a quick update from the past few months and this weekend. On my Q1 list, I finished my daughter’s friend’s Graduation quilt, and pieced my Glam Garlands quilt and pieced my sea glass fabric quilt.

For Q2 I think I should stop piecing and start quilting.  My pile is growing and growing, and I need to finish up a lot of quilts.

Here are my Q2 goals- Quilt: Glam Garlands, Sea Glass, Doe fabrics, 3rd Graduation quilt, Rebel quilt and my Magic Carpet quilt.  WOW- that’s a lot of quilting!

Maybe my Q3 goals will be only binding?



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      Thanks Ruth! I tried to cram all the photos into one post since I had fast internet when I was away.

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