Pattern Testing the Magic Carpet Quilt

I have never tested a quilt pattern before- have to tell you it was a really fun and challenging experience.

Christina from A Few Scraps posted on IG that she had a new pattern called Magic Carpet, and I volunteered to test her pattern for her before she put it up for sale online.

I knew I was going to be away at retreat and would have some time to sew it, so I jumped at the chance. I saw the pattern photo and some of the examples she had in different colour ways- and wanted to make one with grey fabrics, ranging from light to dark and into black. The week before I received a bolt of Quilter’s Linen that I had ordered- and pretty sure the colour silver is not a bright blue- but that is what they sent me. So I thought this blue would look good with the greys and I had many, many metres to use up. Even with using it in the quilt, for the binding and backing, the bolt looks full, guess I will have to find another pattern to use more of it.

When reading the pattern, I had some confusion with the cutting directions. I made notes when working through each colour and eventually got everything cut properly. One thing about pattern testing- I was a tad nervous about relaying my input back to Christina as I felt like I was criticizing her or being too bossy. But I thought- what if I were a new quilter and had problems with the cutting section? I would want the cutting directions to be as clear as possible.  So I closed my eyes and hit send on my email and hoped for the best!

I am a person who loves a blank pattern so that I can colour in the blocks in my colour way. Christina included this with her pattern and I found it incredibly helpful. One thing I would have loved is a place to tape my fabric selection within the pattern so that I could look at that and reference the colours when cutting and sewing. This was one idea I suggested. You can see on my photo that I taped a bunch of fabric to keep me straight. I think using so many greys might have been a little more confusing if I didn’t tape my fabrics to my pattern.


Well Christina took my suggestions and added a place to tape the fabrics to, and reworded the cutting directions to make it more user friendly. And she said I wasn’t bossy at all! Hopefully she is being honest!

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.41.28 PM

I noticed in the final version of the pattern some notes were made regarding directional fabric. I did not use directional fabric, but I think another pattern tester might have since this was different from the original pattern. I really appreciate Christina taking all the feedback into account and making changes to her original pattern. It wouldn’t be easy to create a pattern then have a bunch of people telling you what to change.

With there being a few IG people working on the quilt at the same time, we were all posting photos as we went along. Lots of photos were at the cutting stage, piecing stage and then photos of the completed quilt top. Someone even started the hash tag #ilovepatterntesting so people could look up our progress.  It was interesting to follow along with some many of the same quilts.

Once I had my entire fabric cutting complete, I started piecing the background fabric to all the different coloured fabrics. I must say that this step went together quite quickly. I read the instructions on sewing the strips together, then really did not have to refer back to them much when sewing the columns. Christina has some great coloured photos in her pattern so I basically put the quilt together by looking at the photos. How easy is that?

Here is the quilt top I made at retreat. Don’t you love the carpet at Memories Manor?


I was working on this quilt at retreat with some people that did not sew, they were there to do scrapbooking. At dinner they had to walk by my quilt pinned up on the design wall, and they loved how it looked. Wonder if any of them will take up sewing now?

With the layout of the blocks and the colours of fabric I chose, I thought that the quilt looked 3D. I wanted to try some quilting to reflect that idea, and thought the farthest away light fabric would have narrow straight-line quilting. Then I worked my way up the greys from lightest to the black in the middle with the same straight- line quilting, but increasing the width of the lines by ¼” each colour.

Here is a close up photo of the quilting, which looks interesting. I actually quite like it close up.


Sometimes I get a brilliant idea in my head- well I thought it was brilliant! After quilting this brilliant idea, I am not sure it is really what I was going for. I think you may need to stand really far away to see my concept, but then if you are too far away you can’t see the actual quilting-LOL  Let me know your thoughts- bring on the truth tea!  The photo is a bit blurry- so you might not be able to see the different widths of quilting.  I was hoping when you looked at the quilt the perspective would be a bit more noticeable. 


I am now at the hand turning the binding stage- which might take a little while. Here is the finished quilt so far. (what a crappy photo- once the sun comes out I will take a better one.  I was standing on a chair trying to not get my head chopped off by the ceiling fan that doesn’t have a shut off)

Pretty cool pattern eh?


Thanks again Christina for letting me test your pattern, it was a lot of fun! If you have IG look up #magiccarpetquilt and see what the other quilts look like.

Here is the link to her blog so you can purchase the pattern- A Few Scraps, Magic Carpet Quilt  and a link to her Craftsy page. 






  1. Chrysanthemum says:

    Saw your quilt on “a few scraps” I’m going to do it too.
    I’m in Barcelona but hope to be back for our LMQM in May, although it is Mothers Day weekend….
    I may try it in fabrics I have purchased while travelling???

  2. Christina says:

    You did a great job! I think the quilting does support the design, though it’s hard to tell from so far back. I really like those little flowers (orange peels) in the background

    I am always resorting to crazy things to get quilt photos too! What a strange hobby we have. : ) Thanks for all your work and input, it was so valuable!

    • Kristyn says:

      Oh Thank You Christina for letting me test your pattern! I tried again for a proper photo- but still rainy and cloudy. Even with a tripod it didn’t help. Will keep at it.

  3. Ruth says:

    Looks great – must check out all your guys work on IG. I like the quilting concept. I should probably take more time to do that!

    • Kristyn says:

      Thanks Ruth! You must have a look on IG- each quilt is so totally different. Wish the quilting had turned out better, or was at least a bit more noticeable in the photos.

  4. Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl says:

    It sounds like you were a wonderful pattern tester; I appreciate feedback like that when people test for me. And how awesome that you have seen your suggestions already incorporated into the pattern.

    I totally get what you are going for on the quilting, but it is a bit hard to make out in these photos.

    • Kristyn says:

      I think it was great that Christina took the time and re-wrote the pattern so quickly! And the new wording is so much easier to follow. On day 3 of clouds and rain, and still can’t capture what I want in a photo. I might wash it, hope it crinkles up, then take another photo.

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