Limberlost Quilting Group update from last week

After being busy for 2 weeks in a  row, I was really missing the quilting group at Limberlost!  It was great to get back and catch up with the ladies and see all that they had worked on the past few weeks.

Here is Milehat’s new “rag”quilt.  After she finished her first rag quilt, did all the cutting and washed it to fray the edges, she really doesn’t like how it looks.  So she has a bunch of squares that she is sewing into a regular quilt top, where the seams will all be inside.



Here she is hard at work piecing her quilt.


Nikki is working on a quilt for her sister with green and blue and brown fabrics.  She is making an improv log cabin, queen sized quilt. Here she is sewing the rows together into a completed quito top.


Nikki also took some extra blocks and made some pillows to go with her quilt.


By the end of the class she had a completed quilt top. Tomorrow we hope to pin baste it and get it ready for her to tie.


Hiba was able to come to class, and it was good to see her.  She is so busy with school, I think she welcomed this break!  Willie was able to sew the backing and baste Hiba’s quilt for her, so it is ready to quilt/ tie.


Here is the back- putting the borders on it makes it reversible.

IMG_1784And of course Nikki is working on many things at once, and this is a baby blanket she is quilting.  It is just 2 layers of flannel with no batting, so the baby can be wrapped and swaddled in it.  I think that tomorrow she may be working on the binding- if she didn’t already complete it at home.  


Tomorrow will be another day full of lots of quilting! Thanks again to all the volunteers who continue to help out, and to everyone that has donated quilting supplies and fabric- you ensure that our classes are possible!