Cherrywood Van Gogh exhibit

WOW the Van Gogh quilts were amazing!  If they are in your area, you must see them!

Trina from the Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop hosted the 120 quilt exhibit last weekend- and it was incredible.  Thanks Trina for all your work getting these quilts to Seaforth!  Look forward to next year!




The quilt second from the left of the sunset and tree and water won Viewer’s Choice at the exhibit- Congratulations Terri!



img_9118 img_9119 img_9120 img_9121 img_9122 img_9123 img_9124 img_9125 img_9126 img_9127 img_9128 img_9129 img_9130 img_9131 img_9133 img_9134 img_9135 img_9136 img_9137 img_9138 img_9139 img_9140 img_9141 img_9142 img_9143 img_9144 img_9145 img_9146 img_9147 img_9148 img_9150 img_9151 img_9152 img_9153 img_9154 img_9155 img_9157 img_9158 img_9159 img_9160 img_9161 img_9162 img_9163 img_9164 img_9165 img_9168 img_9169 img_9170 img_9171 img_9172 img_9174 img_9175 img_9176 img_9177 img_9178 img_9179 img_9180 img_9181 img_9182 img_9183 img_9184 img_9185 img_9186 img_9187 img_9189 img_9190 img_9192 img_9193 img_9194 img_9196 img_9197 img_9198 img_9199 img_9201 img_9203 img_9211 img_9212 img_9214 img_9215 img_9216 img_9217 img_9219 img_9220 img_9221 img_9222 img_9225