Sew My Stash- I am really going to stick to it this time but probably not :)

A few years ago I attempted to go on a fabric diet and sew my stash.

You know the plan of not buying any fabric and just using up what you have?  You set a predetermined length of time such as 1 year, a couple months, maybe even a few hours and commit to using up only what is in your stash and buying nothing.  Some people set side rules where they can use their stash to sew the quilt top but might need to buy additional fabrics for sashing or backing etc to eventually finish their quilt.

Well for me I think it lasted 3 months and I was back buying fabric to shove in my already overflowing bins.

But it was just today I realized that I had set myself up to fail.  I never really made a solid plan but quickly jumped in saying no more fabric purchases for 365 days.  I mean who am I kidding?  That is just madness!

Especially since I live 3 houses down from a quilt shop- I have to drive, bike, walk past brand new fabric every time I leave my house.  It was torture.  Not to mention the countless emails from online shops introducing all the new beautiful fabric I swore I wouldn’t buy.

After looking back at my past failure I now know where I went wrong- I didn’t pre-buy any fabric before I said no more buying.  Good thing I bought all this fabric when The Marsh Store had their closing sale, so that I will have more than enough to sew my stash.  Making sure I have an overabundance of fabric is the key to using up what I have.  Buy WAY more than I need before going on a fabric diet seems like a much smarter way to accomplish this goal!

I also didn’t I plan what quilts I would be making that upcoming year to know what fabric I even needed.

Sooooooooooooo for 2019 I am once again stating I will sew my stash.  I have 1 quilt on my design wall that I will finish, I have another quilt with 1/2 the blocks made, just waiting for me to sew the other blocks, and I have 3 quilts that I am planning for and certainly hope I have all the fabric needed- especially after shopping today.

And with all my bolts of wide backing I can use them to finish my quilts.

Think it is a do-able plan?

Probably not since there are 4 brand new quilt shops opening in my area in the next few months.  And it’s Support Your Local Quilt Shop day on Saturday.

And keep in mind I am going to QuiltCon in Nashville so basically this well thought out plan goes out the window the 3rd week of February.  But if I make it until then without buying any new fabric, I will consider this a success.