6 Month Fabric Diet- better shop ASAP!

I was reading Jess’s blog- Stitched In Thyme and she decided she would go on a 6 week Fabric Trim Down Diet.  She seems to think she has more fabric than time- silly girl!  Just replace chores with sewing and she should catch up in no time. REALLY!

The night before reading her post, I was in bed online shopping once again and then the next day when reading her blog, I realized I may be in the same situation as Jess.  I decided then and there to go on a Fabric Diet as well- but certainly not before a few additional fabric shopping trips- Kalidoscope on Friday, Cornerstone on Saturday, you know, just to make sure I will have enough fabric to sew for 6 months.  Wait, I think I am starting to hyperventilate just typing that statement! BREATHE…..

Jess was a good sport and posted photos of her amazingly neat and tidy folded fabric- I will post some photos too, but I have just piled my fabric up on my ironing board since I keep my fabric in bins in my cupboard.  (and I am no where as neat as Jess) And these photos are just of my “upstairs” fabric that I will be using in the next 6 months- the rest of the “downstairs” fabric- well, we won’t go there at this point in time.  That is a whole other fabric diet, one I am not ready to start-LOL

Some of my fabric is already set aside for certain projects and the rest is just patiently waiting to become a project.  Here is what I have and plan to use for the rest of the year.

This is my yellow and grey fabric that I will use in July to make Garlands by Alissa Haight Carlton.


No idea what I will be doing with this printed fabric- but isn’t it beautiful?


Random neutral fabric- always good to have in case of emergencies.


Even better to have for larger emergencies- bolts and bolts of Kona neutrals!


A collection of fabrics to make 2 Turning Twenty quilts for my nieces- someday.


My warm colours- pink, orange and red solids with a few prints mixed in.


WIP- There are at least 6 quilts just waiting to be pieced in this pile- better get cracking!


My blue and green fabric- this is more than I thought when it was tucked away safely in my cupboard.  Lay it out and wow- lots of green!


My purples and some random prints.



So there you have it (well as of tonight anyway, since I have one mail order and 2 shopping trips still to come) this is what I will be using for the next 6 months.  Think I can do it and last until December 31st without buying any thing more?

Once I get my last bit of fabric in, I will add it to my photos in this post so you can see EVERYTHING.

Here’s my update on the last little bit of fabric I was able to buy before July 1st- more grey and yellow, a charm pack for another Cheddar, No Crackers quilt, a cool red and turquoise floral print, so I had to buy more red and turquoise, and my Fabric Spot order of Lipstick, Bush Pink and Wasabi Kona.

DSCN2390 DSCN2391 DSCN2392 DSCN2402

And to anyone of you that sees me in a fabric shop during the rest of the year- smack me and kick my butt out the door.  Or look the other way and pretend you didn’t see me.



  1. Chelsea Huckins says:

    I just finished a 6 month fabric fast, I did let myself by white if needed for a project and backing since I rarely keep large pieces on hand. Overall it wasn’t as hard as I expected and it gave me a good reality check that I can do with less. Best of wishes on your diet … YOU CAN DO IT 🙂

    • Kristyn says:

      Chelsea- I thought it would be easy given the quantity of fabric I have here, but forgot I have a week away on a quilt retreat, now just found out about Kaffe coming for workshops, and the fact I might need to finish the binding on some quilts-LOL Thankfully I have a bunch of bolts of neutral Kona (2 of the snow in fact) so I am good on the white fabric supply. It’s day 2 and I am already panicking!

    • Kristyn says:

      Well I am binge shopping before Monday, so I should be good-LOL
      Only worry is having enough larger pieces for bindings so maybe I will have to put off shopping and doing the bindings until January.

  2. Jane says:

    Hey If this works for you than you will save a whole lot of money and maybe able to cruise with us in Feb! Good Luck

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