The cost of quilting is priced according to the type of quilting you would like to have on your quilt and the size of your quilt. Each price level is based on a dollar per square foot price and may be calculated by multiplying the length by the width of the quilt in inches and dividing the results by 144.

My quilting table accommodates quilts up to 100″ wide.

  • Overall Quilting– $3.50 – $4.00 per sq. ft.
    This quilting service, sometimes called edge-to-edge, covers the application of one pattern or larger meandering on the entire quilt. You may choose from the many patterns I have on hand or let me select a pattern that will compliment your quilt design. This also includes simple freehand designs.



  • Detailed Quilting– $4.50 – $5.50 per sq. ft.
    This quilting service is the same as the Overall but covers the application of two pattern designs – one for the center of the quilt and another for the border. This price also applies to very detailed and dense overall quilting and custom overall freehand designs.

quilt6Close Up of Freehand Feathersquilt8quilt5

  • Custom Quilting – prices start at $7.00 per sq. ft. and is priced on an individual basis.
    This quilting service allows you many and varied options for the quilting designs to be applied to your quilt. Use designs from my collection, or I will create a unique design for your quilt. It includes quilting that will enhance your quilt, such as motifs, in-the-ditch, continuous curves, small background meandering, feathers or a combination of designs or patterns.


I have a minimum quilting charge of $50 per order and a $15 mounting/ set up/ thread fee per quilt. These prices do not include additional charges for specialty thread, fabric, piecing, batting, hand binding and shipping.

Binding Service Prices

Have your quilt returned and ready to use by letting me finish your binding. I do not offer machine binding because I believe your quilt deserves the traditional finished look of hand binding. Fabric strips are cut at 2 1/4″, attached by machine and hand sewn to the back. I offer two levels of binding service.

  • Unprepared binding: $0.50 per inch
    If you provide the fabric, I will make and attach the binding by cutting the fabric, sew and iron the strips and sew it on by machine and finish it by hand.
  • Prepared binding: $0.25 per inch
    If the binding you supply is ready to apply (already sewn, ironed) I will sew it on to your quilt by machine and finish it by hand.


I have a large collection of thread so no need to supply your own.  Together we can choose the best thread to complement your quilt.


  • Piece Backing Seam $10 per seam
  • Fix Holes in Seams $5 per hole
  • Remounting Quilt $10
  • Pressing Quilt $25 per quilt
  • Removing Hand Basting $20 per quilt
  • Re-Sew Wavy Borders  (if possible) $20 per border
  • Rush Orders add 25% to the total bill


If you are shipping your quilt to me, you are responsible for paying the cost of shipping both ways. Please notify me when you send your package. If you want the quilt insured, there will be a charge in addition to the shipping cost.


Ontario residents must pay applicable taxes.

All prices are subject to change without notice.