My Favourite Quilts at QuiltCon- where to start?

There were so many fantastic quilts at QuiltCon- it is so hard to choose which ones to post up for you to see.  And believe me there is no rhyme or reason to which quilts I post- so many different styles of quilting, so many different fabrics, so many talented quilters etc.

So here goes…..

50 Shades of Geese- Patricia Roche (Modern Traditionalism category)

50 Shades of Geese- Patricia Roche

 Close up of the awesome quilting.


 Bauhaus Revisited- Rebecca Burnett (Small Quilts category)

Bauhaus Revisited-Rebecca Burnett

 Blocks from the Crayon Box- Carolyn Griffith (Improvisation category)

Blocks from the Crayon Box- Carolyn Griffith

 Lite Brite- Maria Shell (Improvisational category)

Lite Brite- Maria Shell

 Breathe- Leanne Chahley (Minimalist category)

Breathe- Leanne Chahley


 Coral Reef- Maria Varner (Piecing category)

Coral Reef- Maria Varner

 Cycles 2- Leanne Chahley (Negative Space category)

Cycles 2-Leanne Chahley

 Close up of match stick quilting- multi coloured threads.


 Deconstructed Lone Star- Amy Struckmeyer (Modern Traditionalism category)

Deconstructed Lone Star- Amy Struckmeyer

 Diamond Dust- Doris Burnette (2014 Riley Blake Challenge winner) (Negative Space category)

Diamond Dust- Doris Burnette

 Close up of ghost quilting.


 Diving Geese- Quilted by Krista Withers and pieced by Katie Pederson

(won Best Machine Quilting)

Diving Geese- Krista Withers: Katie Pederson

 Do Good Stitches Category- Ascent

Do Good Stitches- Ascent

 Do Good Stitches Category- Icicles

Do Good Stitches- Icicles

 Do Good Stitches Category- Rainbow Triangles

Do Good Stitches- Rainbow Triangles

 Do Good Stitches Category- Sunset Stripes

Do Good Stitches- Sunset Stripes

 Ducks In A Row- Rebecca Bryan (LOVE HER QUILTS) (Modern Traditionalism category)

Ducks in a Row- Rebecca Bryan

 Emerald City- Charlotte Newland (Improvisational category)

Emerald City- Charlotte Newland

 Equalizer- Cheryl Arkison (Negative Space category)

Equalizer- Cheryl Arkison

 Fade Into Grey- Stephanie Ruyle (Improvisation category)

Fade Into Grey-Stephanie Ruyle

 Fade to Black- Sarah Lowry (awesome Metallica song!) (Improvisation category)

Fade To Black- Sarah Lowry

 Fallout- Michelle Lieberson (Negative Space category)

Fallout- Michelle Lieberson

 Close up of quilting.


 Floating- Jean Larson (Negative Space category)

Floating- Jean Larson

 For Tanya- Emily Coffey (Improvisation category)

For Tanya- Emily Coffey

 Fractured Churn Dash- Erin Davis (MM Fabric Challenge category)

Fractured Churn Dash- Erin Davis

 Geometric Rainbow- Nichole Daksiewicz (Hand Work Category)

Geometric Rainbow- NIchole Daksiewicz

 Untitled- Heather Jones (can’t wait for her book this fall!) (Improvisation category)

Heather Jones

 Icy Waters- Amy Garro (Piecing category)

Icy Waters- Amy Garro

 Close up of the quilting.


 Here is the London Modern Quilt Guild Canada’s charity quilt.


 Here is my quilt that I entered in the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.


 Lemonade- Susan Strong (Piecing category)

Lemonade- Susan Strong

 Meandering- Pam McCalle (Minimalist category)

Meandering Pam McCalle

 Close up of machine quilting.


 Moving Target- Christine Perrigo (how did this not win best machine quilting?) (Bias Tape category)

Moving Target-Christine Perrigo

Close up of fantastic quilting!








 Neighbourhood- Michelle Wilkie  (Small Quilts category)

Neighbourhood- MIchelle Wilkie

 Passages- Patty Simmons (MM Fabric Challenge category)

Passages- Patty Simmons

 Peace- Leanne Chahley (Piecing category)

Peace-Leanne Chahley

Percolate- Emily Cier (this is a really interesting quilt) (Group Quilt category)

Percolate- Emily Cier

 Close up of quilting.


 Pick Up Sticks- Becky Goldsmith (Minimalist category)

Pick Up Sticks- Becky Goldsmith

 Rainbow Remix- Rebecca Bryan (Improvisation category)

Rainbow Remix- Rebecca Bryan

 Scatter- Amanda Hines (Minimalist category)

Scatter- Amanda Hines

 Somewhat Herringbone- Dorie Schwartz (Use of Negative Space category)

Somewhat Herringbone- DorieSchwartz

 The Light of May- Krista Hennebury (MM Fabric Challenge category)

The LIght of May- Krista Hennebury

 The New New- Any Anderson (MM Fabric Challenge category)

The New New- Amy Anderson

 The Power of Three- Kristin Shields (Piecing category)

The Power of Three- Kristin Shields

 Transposition- Anne Hammond (Improvisation category)

Transposition- Anne Hammond

 Triangles Quilt- Tara Faughnan (Piecing category)

Triangles Quilt- Tara Faughnan


So there are my favourite quilts from the show- what do you think of them? I loved this quilt show compared to the traditional quilt shows as the quilts were so new and fresh and no two were the same.  Seeing something so different was inspiring!


Please let me know if I have any names spelled incorrectly or the names of the quilts in the wrong category, it was hard to read the photo of the cards hanging with the quilts.  I will correct ASAP!

Bad Weather – QuiltCon – Bad Weather

It was a bad weather QuiltCon sandwich this past weekend! Now that we are home, we can look back and laugh (not sure the stress crying has finished yet though).

We left for YYZ last Wednesday and drove through a bad snowstorm. We were already stressed from leaving our daughter and not taking her on a family vacation, me asking if we left the stove on, then add blowing snow and double the driving time and we white knuckled it all the way down the 401.

Thankfully the pilots in Canada seem to be a little more experienced with the weather than Austin pilots and none of our flights were cancelled. The alarm at the hotel went off at 2:30 AM and we were on our way! I took two Gravol and ended up sleeping most of the flight to Dallas. We arrived early afternoon in Austin and headed to the hotel- left our bags with the concierge, and went to the Convention Centre to check in with Registration. Dan wanted to see my quilt hanging in the show so we had a quick peek around together before we headed down the block for lunch. Since it was our first meal in Austin, we found a Mexican restaurant, which would be the first of a lot of delicious meals! Margaritas, chicken tortilla soup and tacos, with and endless supply of nacho chips and salsa. What were we thinking? Our tummies were too full the first hour here.


We checked in at the hotel after lunch and I freshened up from the long trip. Not sure if it was the fact that I was in Texas, or if it was the curling mousse, but my hair was so fluffy! I became high maintenance for the rest of the trip then and there!

I had two lectures on Thursday- Becoming a Better Quilter with Angela Walters and The Use of Negative Space with Alissa Haight-Carlton. Both were good lectures and so began my weekend of being overbooked in classes, shopping until I dropped, and getting lost in the maze that was the quilt show. After my lectures, I met up with Dan (who had been touring around Austin on his own) and since the sun was setting, we went to the Bat Bridge to see the bats. Now for those that know me- I HATE bridges and I HATE bats. But we had to see this as it is a big tourist thing in Austin- they even have bat statues and bat souvenirs everywhere. Once I pried my hands off the bridge and could move my legs again, we headed up to 6th street to listen to some bands and continue drinking margaritas. I think this night we were in 5 different bars, seeing 5 different bands. So fun!

_KDM2744 IMG_0581

My alarm went off kind of early the next morning, or was it the fact that I was out too late the night before that made 7:30 seem early. I had a free morning so Dan and I had breakfast at Jo’s, a cute little diner up the street. At 11 I had another lecture where Heather Jones was talking about Large Scale Piecing. I love Heather’s quilts, and her class was very informative. While waiting for my next lecture, I went to the show floor and looked at the amazing quilts on display and did a little shopping. My next lecture was another one with Angela Walters on Quilting Negative Space. She sure is a captivating and humorous speaker.

I was getting pretty hungry and remember seeing a fried chicken restaurant on the way to my hotel, so I stopped in there for a late lunch. It was the BEST fried chicken I have ever eaten. Guess that is why their restaurant name is Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. I also ordered the deep fried dill pickles- YUM YUM YUM! Worried that Dan didn’t have lunch, well actually I was more worried he would come back to the hotel room and smell my fried chicken; I left him some to try so he would not be jealous. Turns out he already ate his dinner, but had no problem finishing mine too. Later in the week he also had no problem ordering more fried chicken after our dinner at Manuel’s-LOL. He must have loved the chicken!


After the best tasting chicken in the world, I was back in a lecture at 4- Colour Theory for the Modern Quilter once again with Heather Jones.   In the evening there was a social Meet and Greet for the Modern Quilt Guild Leaders so we could meet one another and network among guilds. I met Rebecca from the Toronto MQG and hopefully we can brainstorm with some events that our two guilds can participate in together. I also met Susan from West Coast Crafty- who is with the Portland MQG. I found out it has over 200 members and is the largest MQG in the world. She is a super nice lady and she introduced me to a few more people. Susan is big on documenting quilts, and was explaining a bit about her lecture on that topic and showed us some samples of MQG quilt labels she made. She was also very interested in the Learn To Quilt program going on in the Limberlost Community.

After the M&G wrapped up, Dan and I were out on the town again. This time we went SoCo, which is another trendy neighbourhood on the South side of Congress. The Continental Club had a jazz band we listened to, and we drank Austin Amber beer. Since I missed dinner, we grabbed a slice of pizza from a place called Home Slice Pizza. I saw Guero’s across the street but we were a bit too late and they were closed. My brother recommended this place and I am sad we missed it. I found it quite funny how a lot of bars and restaurants close by 11PM. Seemed a bit early, especially when bars in London are open until 2AM. Not that I am ever out in London at that hour- don’t want to get shot!  In Texas everyone carries a gun, in full view, but I always felt safe walking around.


Late night pizza and beer seemed like a good idea the night before, but not at 7:30 the next morning! But nothing, not even exhaustion, could make me late for my Bill Kerr Colour class. Funny that he should be in front of me at Starbucks, then in the elevator- you would think we were going to the same place. Oh wait, we were. This class was the one that required me to bring swatches of fabric in all kinds of different colours. I had a crap load packed, turns out I only needed some blue, green, brown fabric. I was hoping to use up all my bags of swatches to allow for more room in my suitcase for shopping- but sadly no, the bags all came back home with me. This class was amazing! He talked about colour theory, showed us some of his quilts, and then had us work on an exercise. Each student was given a photo of a famous painting and we were required to look at the colours in the painting and find fabrics that were in that painting and then arrange them.


Not sure how long it took me to find my fabrics, but boy did it take a while. I then had to cut and glue my fabrics on paper, trying to not reproduce the painting- while keeping each colour in a certain proper percentage.

At the end of the class Bill showed us some of the trendy neutral fabrics to use instead of just using white or black for the background. I think I will be required to purchase these fabrics in bolts!


Class done, back to the show floor to finish seeing all the quilts and to make another pass or 10 through the vendor area. With my camera memory card full, and my phone battery dead, I didn’t spend much time at the quilt show. And knowing this was my last chance to shop, I headed back to my favourite booth Crimson Tate, where I just had to buy more fabric!


Bill Kerr was my next lecture and this one was called Details Matter. I thought it was going to be about details within quilting, but it was more of a design details lecture. There were some interesting things to be learned, but not sure I would have signed up for it, as it wasn’t really to quilting related.

Bags in hand, I headed to the hotel room to get ready for a nice dinner out with Dan. We walked up a block or two to Manuel’s and once again had margaritas and the never ending, tummy stuffing baskets of nacho chips and salsa.   I love soup, so I ordered the corn and queso soup with flautas for dinner. AMAZING food! Go to Manuel’s if you ever are in Austin! Seriously- GO!  I saw a sign saying Sunday was margarita day, but since we were leaving on Sunday, I had to make up for missing it and had extra margaritas on Saturday.

IMG_0683 IMG_0892

We then wanted to see a show at the Paramount, but it was sold out, so back to 6th street for live music and margaritas. Are you seeing a theme here? Once we called it a night, and back at the hotel room, I remembered that I had to print our boarding passes for the next day’s flights. Nothing indicating an upcoming problem at this point- boy were we wrong! Thankfully I knew nothing at this point about our flights home, or I would have started panicking that evening. But instead in our lack of knowledge, we had a few more drinks at the hotel bar, then up to pack. I had my already full on arrival suitcase, to stuff full with all my QuiltCon swag and purchases. I brought one of those space bag things from home so vacuumed my clothes flat, which left more than enough room to pack my fabrics. *PSA Airport security does not like vacuum bags or tightly stacked charm pack or fat 1/4s BE WARNED! Little did I know this when jamming everything in.

Sunday morning, my last day and my last class at 9. Krista Withers was teaching a class on Compositional Drawing for Quilting, which is where you mark a quilt top and then quilt it. Thankfully this is something I have done a time or two, as I over heard another student say her 6PM flight out of Austin was cancelled. Oh my, that was my flight. I spent 1 hour on the phone with the airline, and the plan was to somehow get to Dallas and catch our second flight. Thank you to the lady in the class that let me use her phone- I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. And a huge apology to Krista as I had to leave her class ASAP. The airline had given me 2 options- be stranded in Austin for 3 days until they could rebook me on the same flight times as Sunday, or pick up the second flight in Dallas. And no they don’t pay for your hotel or meals if a flight is cancelled for weather.

I grabbed my things, tears streaming down my face, got in a cab and went to find Dan at Stubbs. He was there for the Sunday morning Gospel Brunch. He had stuffed himself with BBQ so full, he couldn’t even finish his pecan pie. He was a little concerned to have his crying wife appear, but calmed me down a bit and we went back to the hotel to check out.

Here is where it gets a little crazy! If you have ever seen the Steve Martin and John Candy movie called Planes, Trains and Automobiles, this was our Sunday, only a little less Hollywood.

From the time I got off the phone with the airline, and arrived at the Austin Airport that lady on the phone that suggested we rent a car, drive to Dallas and get our 2nd flight, had taken us off that Dallas flight and given our seats away. This is where I get a little angry! Why would she tell me this, only to change it without me being able to know? So our next 2 options were take the flights offered for 3 days from now, or take the flight out of Austin on Delta the next morning to Atlanta, then on to Toronto. Since at this point that was our best option, we took the next day flights. Would American pay for our hotel this night because of their error? Or course not! But ever so kindly asked me to go check in with Delta at their counter. I was also getting a little concerned as I kept hearing other passengers having their Monday morning flights get cancelled too.  Here we were booked on a flight the next morning that also had a huge chance being cancelled.  Once again a kindhearted person helped us out. The Delta lady said I should talk to an American supervisor and complain about getting taken off the Dallas flight. So back to American we go to see if we can get some help.

After 1 hour at the counters and an additional hour on the phone- somehow 2 seats miraculously opened up on our Dallas flight. How these seats were not there 2 hours ago with the counter attendant, but voila here they were on the phone with a supervisor, I will never know. But the problem now was we had wasted 2 hours in the Austin Airport and had only 4 hours to rent a car and drive to Dallas for the flight to Toronto. No problem right? Well we have no idea where we are going, and the construction on the highway from Austin to Dallas is insane. We pulled into the rental car return at 6:30 for a 7:10 boarding time. Thinking of how in Toronto you have to be there 3+ hours in advance and wait in line with hundreds of other people, I doubted we would make this flight.


But they must know how to run an airport in Dallas- unlike Pearson. Because we arrived, printed our boarding passes, got searched in secondary, and actually had a half an hour to spare to grab some dinner. Which is good as I was starving! I had a granola bar that day, Dan had Stubbs- I could have gnawed off my own arm I was so hungry, Dan’s full tummy was still happy!

Did you like how I quickly mentioned the secondary security search?

Well here is the explanation. Vacuuming my clothes flat made that bag so dense, the X-Ray attendant did not like what he saw on the screen. That and the bundles of fat ¼’s that looked like bricks. So as I am putting my shoes back on, the security guard is asking whom the bag belonged to- YIKES it was mine. He opened up my suitcase and everything tumbled out. Those damn baggies of fabric swatches were quite slippery, my dirty laundry and all my quilt patterns and fabric were all taken out so he could get a look at my vacuum bag in the bottom of my suitcase. Thankfully he believed me when I said it was only dirty laundry and he did not inflate the bag, or nothing would have made it back in my suitcase. He also fanned through the charm packs and bundles looking in between each piece of fabric. Guess his wife is not a quilter or he would have recognized my purchases and not been suspicious of them. Finally I got the green light, repacked my suitcase and continued on to the plane, only for it to be delayed 2 hours for take off. Guess we did not have to rush as much on the highway as first thought.

So there is my whirlwind trip to QuiltCon and Austin Texas. I had so much fun, as busy as it was! Unfortunately I missed the Leaders lecture for the MQG on Sunday, but saw as much as I could in the 4 days we were there.


Next blog post will be of the quilts in the show- I know you probably wanted to see those first and don’t really care to see nacho chips and margaritas, but hey, I want you to experience the whole trip, not just the quilts!

Here is the Best In Show quilt- I Quilt by Kathy York.




Yesterday at the Learn To Quilt class in Limberlost

Another busy Tuesday!  Many of the quilters either dropped in for a moment to show us what they made at home this past week, or stayed the whole class to sew.  Thankfully we had lots of volunteers as we were running upstairs and downstairs getting everything done.

Lisa came for a visit and showed her two rag quilts she made at home this past week.  They are both baby quilts and the flannel fabric is adorable!  She now just needs to wash them, so her cut edges will fray.

Here are her two quilts.

IMG_0504 IMG_0506


Nikki finished putting her last border and corner blocks on her son’s quilt and then Irene showed both Nikki and I how to pin baste.  I have heard of pin basting- but never in my 17 years as a quilter, have I ever done such an awful task!  Pin basting is the worst!  Makes me once again thankful I am a long arm quilter!  The 3 of us had the quilt basted in no time, which was probably a good thing as I am sure Irene was tired of listening to me complain about pin basting.



Do you see how many darn pins are in this quilt!  It was awful I tell you!

And here is a photo of a few of the ties that Nikki is learning to make.  She wanted to tie this quilt instead of me machine quilting it.  Since she is always working on some quilting project at home, she will probably have this finished for next week’s class!



Downstairs, Leanne and Hiba were working on piecing their blocks and quilt tops.  Leanne is working on a flannel rag quilt.


Hiba was able to sew the last row of her quilt blocks together, so that the centre of her quilt is finished.  She would now like to add borders to the blocks to finish her quilt top.  Here are her blocks so far.



As you can see, a very productive week once again!

Willy spent most of the time working on 2 newly donated sewing machines.  She is our resident machine fixer upper and boy did she have her work cut out for her this week.  Happy to report that by the end of the morning, both machines were tuned up and ready to use!  Thanks so much Willy- you are awesome!

We are also lucky to have received a donation of fabric for this programme.  5 very heavy bags of large pieces of all kinds of colours! Thank you Chloe for donating some of your stash!  Next week I will be picking up some more fabric so we will have lots for one of our volunteers Veronica to organize.  What would we do without her?


SO great to see everyone on Tuesday, and can’t wait for next week! Thanks everyone!

Limberlost Stitch ‘N Time update

I am a month behind on posting any updates from the sewing classes at Limberlost- it has just been so busy on Tuesdays that I never took any photos a few weeks ago.  But being that busy means we got a lot accomplished!

Here are some photos from this past Tuesday- Milehat and Nikki were the two students who could make it.  Nikki has been working on a baby blanket and last week she was able to get the most of the quilt tied.  Christine demonstrated to Jessie and Irene how to tie a quilt, so now we all know the proper way to do it!  Thanks Christine!  This week Nikki was putting on the binding with Lyndsey’s guidance. All that is left is for Nikki to hand sew around the binding and it will be ready for the baby she is giving this quilt to as a gift.





Milehat is working on a flannel rag quilt she started a few weeks ago.  She is currently sewing the 2 squares together, then she will be sewing those blocks into rows and eventually cutting all the edges to fray the blocks.





And a day of sewing wouldn’t be complete without Nikki pulling yet another project she is working on from her bag!  This lady never sleeps with the amount of quilts she is working on!  She is making the last of the quilts for her 4 children.  She pieced the string blocks into the centre and this week we worked on adding borders and 4 blocks on the corners.  We finished 3 sides, and Nikki will be making 2 more blocks at home this week and then on the upcoming Tuesday we will add the last border.  Nikki would also like to tie this quilt so she chose some thicker cotton thread to use and next week we will get it all pin basted and ready to tie.



Sadly this week was Lyndsey, one of our volunteers last day.  She has taken a job and will be moving at the end of the week.  Thank you Lyndsey for all your help!  We will miss you!

February goals ALYOF

With QuiltCon only a week and a half away, I am realistically not going to get anything pieced this month.  But I have lots of quilt tops that need quilting, so I will use one as my February goal for ALYOF.  I don’t even know where that quilt top is right now to take a better photo, so you get this sideways, wrinkly fabric one again-LOL.  Prepping for QuiltCon classes is taking all my effort, as well as planning what I am going to pack in 1, yes that’s right I said 1 carry on bag.

And as boring as this post is, who cares- QuiltCon is a week and a half away!  That totally makes up for this boring blog post.  And think of all the photos and blogging I will be doing once I get back so good to not overwhelm you with this post!

Here’s the quilt, hopefully next time you see a photo it will be of a finished and not so wrinkly quilt! And going the right way too.



Linking up with ALYOF for February.

Can you tell everything else is being overlooked, while I count down the sleeps until Austin?


Glam Garlands quilt finished- first blog post with my iPhone


Thought I would try the WordPress App for the first time and blog about finally getting this quilt top finished!

I have been working on this quilt for months and months, and after putting it away and coming back to it, I had totally forgotten what I was doing.
It seriously took me 4 hours to get organized and to make my piles of fabric for each row, and to cut more of the background.

I had also forgotten how long it actually takes to trim up each block and that was probably the reason for abandoning it in the first place. Each block has 3 steps for trimming- dare I say they are worse than trimming HST?

But the top is done, so no more complaining! Better set aside some time to quilt it as I really love this quilt and can’t wait to get to the binding stage.

My ALYOF goal for January was this quilt top, not sure if my goal was quilting it too but at least it’s pieced!

(using the app is a tad difficult for posting photos, at least I can add one after the fact)

Linking up with ALYOF for my January finish.


Q1- GOALS (starting, piecing and quilting)

I thought I would set my First Quarter goals- and make them realistic so they are easier to attain.  I have 3 projects all in various stages that I will be finishing Q1.

My Glam Garlands quilt is also my January ALYOF goal, so if I get it pieced, then my goal for the quarter is to also quilt it and bind it.  I got a lot of progress made on Tuesday, so only a few more blocks need piecing, then made into rows. It is coming along!


I also have a quilt top I made last November when away at retreat.  My daughter and her 3 best friends are all graduating high school in June.  These girls have been together since day one and they are so special to my daughter that I am making them all lap quilts to take away to University/ College in the fall.  Julia is the first girl to get her University acceptance so her quilt will be the first I machine quilt.  Yes it is a wrinkled mess from being packed away for our move, but a little steam and a good washing after being quilted, and it will be good to go!



Then there is a pile of green and blue fabric I have grand plans for.  I sketched out some ideas last year, and hope that one of my ideas will come to light with these fabrics.  Now just to find my sketch book……and my iPod (the one with all my music on it)……. and my quilting magazine tote……….and my daughter’s pottery rubber boot.  All of those things still have not turned up after moving.  They must be in a box somewhere, but with only a dozen or so boxes left to unpack, and all of them labeled, I have no idea where these things can be.  I am starting to get a little stir crazy quilting without a variety of music.  Today I have my classical playlist cranked up.  I have 2000+ songs on another iPod so at least it is not totally quiet here. Just missing my Metallica, Mumford and Sons, RHCP etc.)



Adrianne at On The Windy Side is hosting the Q1 link ups. Good luck to everyone on getting their goals finished.



(and no idea why my photos are sideways.  I got an iPhone for Christmas and used that to take photos, which were straight- by then when emailing them, they went sideways. Hope to get that figured out soon)


First of all Happy New Year to everyone reading my blog!  It has been a crazy 2 weeks- starting off with moving, Christmas and now New Years.  I am exhausted but almost unpacked and ready to start quilting on Monday.

But as tired as I am, I keep feeling peacefulness in our new house- finally away from our insane neighbours.  That is making everything worth while!

With a WAY larger quilting room, I have grand plans for 2015.  Some of those plans include relaxing by my fireplace and knitting socks, or doing cross stitch, even just hand turning quilt binding.  Depending on the time of day, tea or wine will also be involved!  Maybe even chocolate?

Here is a photo of my long arm area so far, a few more things need to be unpacked and organized but it is nearly there.  As we were setting up my machine I kept saying how much bigger it looked in a much larger room.  I guess perspective is everything- my last room was 11×12 yet in this space of 26′ long, my machine looks twice as large.  Weird.



The first thing on my sewing to do list for January is to finish my Glam Garlands quilt.  I know you have heard this before but I will get it done- I WILL GET IT DONE!  It was the only quilt top I didn’t finish when I was away at retreat last November, so it is priority! Don’t you hate it when you have a project most of the way finished but then it sits there forever?  This is what is hanging over my head currently.  But since I am linking up with ALYOF and this quilt is my January goal, I will be held accountable.  Here is what I am aiming for.





Check back at the end of the month to see my finished quilt and if you have some free time have a look at the goals others have for January.


We are still waiting for that phone call from the lawyers saying all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  Today is moving day #1 where later today we will move odds and ends, my Gammill, and other items that the moving company won’t move.  Tomorrow will be the official moving day with 2 trucks and 4 men.  Yes we have that much stuff that 2 trucks are required.

Here is a sneak peek at my new quilting room.  It might take a few weeks to repaint the walls and those hideous bricks around the fire place, but you can kind of  get an idea.

The room is an L shape, with the fire place end where I will have a sofa and chairs so I can sit and do binding and knit and relax.  The other end of the L will be for my long arm and cupboards and sewing machines etc.  This will be the “WORK” area.

I doubt I will be posting again before the Holidays as I will be unpacking for weeks.  Merry Christmas to everyone.

DSCN3041 DSCN3042

Last Quilting Class Of The Year- boy was it a busy one!

Today we had the last quilting class for 2014.  All the students were able to attend and we had tons of volunteers which made for a busy morning- busy and productive!  Did I mention busy?

Here are some photos Veronica took this morning.  We are on a break for the Holidays then back January 20th.

Here are Irene and Nikki working on Nikki’s binding.


LeeAnne is busy sewing, Milli is working on her blocks and smiling for the camera- I really liked her pony tail today!  All the volunteers are helping out with cutting, ironing and organizing.


Mary is helping LeeAnne and the others are busy too.


Hiba is sewing her blocks into the rows of her first quilt.


Here is a photo that shows more of Hiba’s string blocks, she is almost finished her very first quilt top.



What a busy morning!  It was so nice to see everyone today, Lisa stopped in for a moment to say HI, but couldn’t stay for sewing.  These ladies have worked so hard this year, can’t wait to see everyone in January.

2014 Customer Appreciation winner!


I thought that since I have no more quilts coming in before Christmas, meaning no more names going into the draw- I would pull the winning ballot today!

Throughout 2014, when ever someone brought a quilt to be machine quilted, they got one ballot to be entered in the draw. The prize- FREE QUILTING on one quilt up to a value of $250.

Carol B is the winner!  WOO HOO Carol!  I just called her to let her know, and she is home sick from work today, so hopefully this cheered her up.  (she really did sound sick on the phone so no playing hooky from work to quilt)

Congratulations Carol, hope you feel better.

Business Card 2014 copy


QuiltCon Michael Miller Couture Cotton Challenge Entry

Swan in the Water 1800ppi

I finished the binding and entered my Swan In The Water (Justin Nozuka) just in the nick of time!  I was sent into a panic when I received an email from The Modern Quilt Guild saying to get your entry in early and not wait until the last minute-LOL as I am a last minute kind of girl!  There were still 2 days left till the deadline, more than enough to finish it up right?  Well remembering the process to pick classes for QuiltCon, I feared that the internet would self combust again with EVERYONE else that are last minute quilters, and actually submitted my photos 1 day ahead of schedule.  Yes, that’s right, I said 1 whole day ahead! That gave me a free day to just lie around eating bonbons, since I don’t really have anything else to do. Where is that sarcasm smiley face when you need it?

In addition to my Wake Up (Arcade Fire) quilt (which you can read about here) I entered Swan In The Water to the following challenge category:

  • Fabric Challenge – Cotton Couture Pastels, sponsored by Michael Miller Fabrics – Quilts primarily use solids from Michael Miller’s Spring Cotton Couture Pastels. Solid Michael Miller cotton couture fabrics are permitted. Michael Miller prints are permitted on the binding and the back.

Here is my first post about the challenge quilt: Michael Miller where I ordered 4 charm packs of the solid colours and the lovely background grey fabric.  It took a long time staring at my design “sheet” and arranging and then rearranging the charm squares into some sort of colour blocked centre.

After finding my inspiration listening to Justin’s song, I decided that the quilt would look like a swan in the water, and the sunset reflecting on the water and creating all kinds of rainbow ripples.  No idea if this is how it looks, but that was what I was going for. I did have fun quilting all kinds of different designs on each of the chunks of colours.  Sometimes it is nice to just quilt without thinking- to crank up the music and just play!  Wonder if it will be hanging in Texas in February? EDIT-guess I have my answer! It’s not every day you get an email from Heather Grant!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.27.23 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.28.07 AM

3 More Sleeps Until Retreat Week!


I am franticly trying to organize my projects to take away on my quilting retreat week!  This is the first year I am able to spend the whole week away with my best quilting friends, which is really exciting!

A whole week of no responsibilities- and no way for anyone to contact me.  No cell phone or internet, no “what’s for supper”, no “I can’t find” (fill in the blank as to what ever has gone missing), no “what time is it”.  Only friends, quilting and wine, with a little bit of shopping for good measure.

I have HUGE expectations as to what I will be able to accomplish this week.  When else am I going to have this much quilting time in a row?


Qty 3- Cheddar No Crackers quilts for my daughter’s friends for HIgh School Graduation gifts

Qty 2- Cheddar No Crackers quilts for the person buying our house and then for our good neighbours we will be leaving behind

1- Glam Garlands quilt that is a WIP (hopefully this will be my quilt)

Qty 4- Coffee Cozies for my daughter’s friends for Christmas gifts

1- Mug rug for our London Modern Quilt Guild Christmas exchange

1- Quilt reproducing the  Bittersweet CD cover from a friend’s band (photo above)

and 1 sock to complete the pair that I am currently knitting.


How far do you think I will get completing this list?  I am linking up with A Lovely Year Of Finishes for my November goals.  Check back at the end of the month to see what actually got completed.


Learn to Quilt- Mug Rugs

Another fun day in the Limberlost Community- the Stitch ‘N group made mug rugs this morning.  A BIG thank you to Veronica for all her hard work organizing the class, making patterns, and kits for all the students.

Veronica taught everyone how to make the rugs, and taught a few more skills like straight sewing, pressing and then trimming and binding.

A few students had time to make more than one mug rug.  Here are some photos of them working and the finished mug rugs.  These will be wonderful for Christmas.

DSCN2958 DSCN2960 DSCN2962


Thanks again Veronica! Next up, in 2 weeks- Lyndsey will be teaching 9 Patch pot holders.