How do I love thee OEV? Let me count the ways!

EDIT:  here is a clip from the video of my quilt being auctioned at last night’s fundraiser at The Aeolian Hall.  It raised $1000 for the Woodfield Ave families!


How do I love thee OEV…… Let me count the ways.

Once an OEV resident, always an OEV resident!

I lived in the Old East Village for only 1.5 years in the mid 1980’s, but this neighbourhood still has my heart.

When tragedy struck 3 blocks from where I used to live, I knew I had to do something!

I haven’t lived in London since 1994, yet I always find the time to return to the best neighbourhood within the city!

Just this week alone, Tuesday night we ate a family dinner at Tony’s Pizza and then on Wednesday we got coffee at Asmara Caffee.  Little did anyone know that later in the evening on that same Wednesday, a drunk driver would smash her car into a home, rupturing a gas line and causing an explosion that changed the lives of many forever.

Let me list everything that I hold dear to my heart about the OEV:

  • Went to H.B.Beal for high school (technically not in the OEV but right on the edge)
  • Had my first date at Tony’s Pizza in 1986 (and many dinner dates since then)
  • I know the smell of O Pee Chee gum being made
  • My husband works on the edge of OEV and looks at one of the mosaic murals out his office window (created by the Potters Guild)
  • I met the love of my life  (2ndfloor, West Wing of H.B.Beal)
  • I remember when Marks Work Warehouse had a store in the OEV and can still smell the wood floor as I cut through the store on my walk to school.
  • The cutest drummer in high school asked if he could kiss me on my front porch
  • I shop at the Western Fair Farmers Market
  • Got grounded for missing curfew when I stayed too long at the Western Fair
  • The London MQG Canada meets at the Boyle Community Centre
  • I love Anderson Craft Ales IPA beer- and we sometimes go for beer after our guild meeting
  • I could hear the noise of the Western Fair from my bedroom window
  • We would play video games at the arcades on our school lunch breaks
  • I’ve been knitting with friends at the London Brewing Coop
  • I’ve been to concerts at the Aeolian Hall
  • I paid a parking ticket at the Provincial Offences Office (not the best memory)
  • I attended the opening of Union Ten and love their gin cocktails
  • I used to borrow books from the Carson Branch of the London Public Library
  • I could smell Kellogg’s cereals being made
  • Our family loves the London Potters Guild and supports the Clay Art Centre
  • I had numerous friends that lived in the OEV
  • I shop at Illbury and Goose
  • I drink Powerhouse beer- and it’s great!


My list could go on and on and for these reasons and many more I love the OEV, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life!

There is a fundraiser on Tuesday at the Aeolian Hall and I have made a quilt for the silent auction.  It’s the I heart OEV logo and I hope it can raise a lot of money to help all the families affected by one senseless drunk driver.

Here is the event poster, support if you can!


NJS entry- Should I or shouldn’t I?

The deadline for the call to entry is January 31 and I am still on the fence about entering ANY quilt into the NJS after the nonsense from 2016.  I am off the banned list so this is the first year I will be allowed to enter and I am thinking of this quilt.



Sew My Stash- I am really going to stick to it this time but probably not :)

A few years ago I attempted to go on a fabric diet and sew my stash.

You know the plan of not buying any fabric and just using up what you have?  You set a predetermined length of time such as 1 year, a couple months, maybe even a few hours and commit to using up only what is in your stash and buying nothing.  Some people set side rules where they can use their stash to sew the quilt top but might need to buy additional fabrics for sashing or backing etc to eventually finish their quilt.

Well for me I think it lasted 3 months and I was back buying fabric to shove in my already overflowing bins.

But it was just today I realized that I had set myself up to fail.  I never really made a solid plan but quickly jumped in saying no more fabric purchases for 365 days.  I mean who am I kidding?  That is just madness!

Especially since I live 3 houses down from a quilt shop- I have to drive, bike, walk past brand new fabric every time I leave my house.  It was torture.  Not to mention the countless emails from online shops introducing all the new beautiful fabric I swore I wouldn’t buy.

After looking back at my past failure I now know where I went wrong- I didn’t pre-buy any fabric before I said no more buying.  Good thing I bought all this fabric when The Marsh Store had their closing sale, so that I will have more than enough to sew my stash.  Making sure I have an overabundance of fabric is the key to using up what I have.  Buy WAY more than I need before going on a fabric diet seems like a much smarter way to accomplish this goal!

I also didn’t I plan what quilts I would be making that upcoming year to know what fabric I even needed.

Sooooooooooooo for 2019 I am once again stating I will sew my stash.  I have 1 quilt on my design wall that I will finish, I have another quilt with 1/2 the blocks made, just waiting for me to sew the other blocks, and I have 3 quilts that I am planning for and certainly hope I have all the fabric needed- especially after shopping today.

And with all my bolts of wide backing I can use them to finish my quilts.

Think it is a do-able plan?

Probably not since there are 4 brand new quilt shops opening in my area in the next few months.  And it’s Support Your Local Quilt Shop day on Saturday.

And keep in mind I am going to QuiltCon in Nashville so basically this well thought out plan goes out the window the 3rd week of February.  But if I make it until then without buying any new fabric, I will consider this a success.

You must try Prequilt- it’s an online digital colouring book that is so much fun!

Prequilt is a program designed by Laura from Toronto and it is amazing! I first met Laura at the Toronto MQG and again at the SWO MOD Retreat this past spring.  She is full of energy and so lovely!

The Circus Tent quilt was the first layout that you can edit to colour with your own palette.  It also comes with an accompanying pattern you can buy, either PDF or a paper copy.

Then I noticed the HST option and I spent way too much time last night (when I should have been sleeping) changing the layout of the HST pattern.  I could change the size of the blocks, the number of blocks in the setting, I picked the 2 colour option and then added more colours and kept going and going until after midnight.

Here are the steps:

This is what the home screen looks like.
First you pick your size of blocks and they go up in increments of 1/4″  I picked a finished 8″ block and an 8×8 block setting. (look, it even calculates the yardage required)


Then you click on the block logo and start to create!

You can change the colours by clicking BLOCK and selecting from the palette.

Here I have selected a purple and lime.





After picking my colours I clicked the REMIX button and it shuffles all the blocks around.

And once I have clicked REMIX I can then select individual blocks and 1/4 turn them to my liking. You click on the block to hi-light it and then it rotates!


See how easy it is with the little rotate icon at the bottom?  You can rotate as many as you like!


Then you can also add a second block with 2 more colours, click REMIX and voila a 4 coloured shuffled up HST quilt you designed.  Here is the original purple and lime layout, then I cloned the block and selected the red and blue colours and then I hit REMIX again.

When you hit REMIX it randomly arranges the colours and block layout and here is the finished quilt layout.

Once again if there is anything you wish to switch up, you can then select that block individually and edit it.


This has to be the easiest online quilt program I have ever used.  Usually I am yelling at the computer screen wondering why a program won’t work like I want it to- and then I end up getting my graph paper and pencil crayons to end my frustration.

But I spent hours playing around with Prequilt because it was so fun AND so easy that I wanted to keep rotating and adding more coloured blocks.   I think Laura needs to use this slogan- Prequilt is so easy-even Kristyn can do it!

I fell asleep dreaming of the possibilities with Prequilt and hope that more blocks get added for future creating!



Vancouver Women’s Library has invited me to speak about my business

While I am out in Vancouver for Quilt Canada, the Vancouver Women’s Library has invited me to speak about owning my own small business.  If you are in the area, please stop by!  I will be the nervous person standing up speaking in front of a crowd- my biggest fear in life.  Wish me luck!


More information can be found on the Vancouver Women’s Library website.

The library is run by donations and hard working volunteers,  this is their link for fundraising, please support the library if possible- Donate Now


Happy National Quilting Day!

What a great weekend to be at home sewing and quilting!

Today is National Quilting Day and tomorrow is the MQG Sew Day!

And right in the middle is St. Patrick’s day so currently I am wearing green socks and a green shirt, while I drink hot chocolate with Irish Cream!  Tonight’s dinner is sausages, cabbage and potatoes- yum!

My plans for the weekend include finishing my Colour Bars quilt started at QuiltCon LAST year, and starting on pattern testing  a fat 1/4 friendly pattern from Snips Snippets.

Hope you all can find some time to sew this weekend!screen-shot-2018-01-22-at-4-33-36-pm screen-shot-2018-03-13-at-7-29-10-pm

My 2018 QuiltCon entry in the Flying Geese APQ Challenge

American Patchwork and Quilting is sponsoring the Flying Geese Challenge category and here is my entry.

I thought I would emphasize scale for this quilt resulting in each of the 3 giant geese blocks measuring 20″ x 40″.

And here is the info that will be listed on the quilt card.



One Step Forward, Two Steps Back- haven’t we all felt like this before?

Life is full of accomplishments AND setbacks. Some are important milestones while others are devastating setbacks. It is easy to get discouraged if we feel our two steps back far outweigh our going forward.

But look closely at the tiny steps, both forward and back, hidden within the quilting and know that even events that seem minor have shaped our lives.

Take time today to notice both the larger things as well as the smaller ones because combined; these events have brought us to where we are at this very moment.




And here is a close up of the tiny hidden quilted geese among the feather quilting.



Good luck to everyone that has a quilt on exhibit at QuiltCon!


Clearly I am no good at mystery quilts

I tried, I really tried.

I ordered the lovely bundle of Kona solids from Mad About Patchwork but when it arrived it was so perfect to add to my Postcards From Sweden quilt, that I used them for that instead of the mystery quilt.

Then I had to find replacement fabrics, and decided to use my hand dyed fabrics from the summer.  And there the fabrics sat for months and months.

I have so many other projects on the go, I had no ambition to start a mystery quilt, because in reality (and I know this about myself) I hate mystery quilts.  I hate not knowing which fabric will go where, and what the quilt top will look like when finished.


Sorry PEI MQG I am a mystery quilt drop out.


The good news is I already have a plan to use my hand dyed fabrics, and I have even started to cut them out.

My daughter volunteers at a Women’s Library and I am making a quilt for a fund raiser for their 1  year anniversary.  This is what I have so far, should go together quite quickly I think.



Cherrywood Van Gogh exhibit

WOW the Van Gogh quilts were amazing!  If they are in your area, you must see them!

Trina from the Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop hosted the 120 quilt exhibit last weekend- and it was incredible.  Thanks Trina for all your work getting these quilts to Seaforth!  Look forward to next year!




The quilt second from the left of the sunset and tree and water won Viewer’s Choice at the exhibit- Congratulations Terri!