Missing Limberlost- Stitch’N Time is on summer break

Well today I was about to begin my regular Tuesday morning routine, when I realized that there is no learn to quilt class today, since we are on summer break.  Well this resulted in me having a pretty boring morning at home.

Thankfully we can get together once in July and once in August so I won’t miss everyone so much.  If you can make it- July 14 and August 11 are the dates.

So here is a long over due recap on the past few weeks.

The London Community Chaplaincy had their annual general meeting and invited the students of the Stitch ‘N Time classes and the volunteers. Nikki said it best- it was like the students were having their own quilt show!  Here are some photos from that night.

Hiba and her girls in front of Hiba’s very first quilt.




Nikki’s quilt- one of many!




Milehat’s brown table topper, her rag quilt and some of her crocheting and knitting afghans.




Chima’s hand stitched blanket.




A table full of Nikki’s quilts- boy she sure has been busy these past 2 years!




The London Modern Quilt Guild Canada’s QuiltCon Charity quilt on display.




All the volunteers got a thoughtful thank you card and some treats.




And here are some more photos from the past 2 weeks at the classes.


This was the first day Chima used a sewing machine- I think she is a natural!




Here is Nikki working on piecing a piano keys border.




Milehat is a little shy hiding behind her finished flannel squares quilt.




Here are some volunteers and Nikki hand tying her latest quilt for her nephew.




Chima working away on her fleece rag quilt.




This is a photo of Nikki’s quilt before it was basted- looks like stained glass when the light shines through.



So as you can see these ladies are so busy!

Thank you to all the people that have donated fabrics and sewing supplies and machines.  We appreciate everything!

Can’t wait until September so we can start up again on a weekly basis!