Some of you might know how much I love the Rock Band- Cheap Trick! And if you don’t already know, let me know and I can talk your ear off for hours!

Here are a few photos of the quilts I have made for them and a little story behind each quilt.

In 2005 I made this quilt for Cheap Trick as it reminded me of the checker board pattern on their amps.  I used some fabric transfer blocks of photos from their albums and CD covers.  I used one of the Cheap Trick bandanas as border fabric which looks really cool having their logo all around the outside edge and I quilted song titles on the black border too.  I took it to a show in Toronto and held it up in the crowd and Rick the guitar player commented on my “Cheap Trick Blanket”. I tried to get it to the band but not sure if IDK Merch  Jon ever passed it along.

Cheap Trick Quilt copy

In 2007 Cheap Trick came to play at Rock The Park right here in London!  They had just released a new CD called Rockford, named after their home town.  Each band member was drawn on the CD cover like little cartoon people, so I used these images to make my Rockford quilt. I was able to get it up to Rick on stage and he put it over his shoulder, handed it to a crew member, who then displayed it on their amp.  Here is a photo of that Rockford quilt on Rick’s amp on stage.

100_0163 copy

The next night, Cheap Trick played another show in Ohio and Rick kept my quilt on his amp for this concert.  Here is a photo (in Ohio) of Robin the singer with my Rockford quilt behind him.

100_0171 copy

In 2009 Cheap Trick would be coming back to Toronto so I made them another quilt.  They had been playing some shows where they performed the Sgt. Pepper album front to back so I decided I would make a quilt with the Cheap Trick/ Sgt. Pepper Live logo to duplicate the bass drum head logo.

Sgt. Pepper Quilt copy

Here is a photo of Rick holding the Sgt. Pepper quilt up on stage and commenting on it too and then he took it backstage with him!

04-02-10_2136 copy

In 2011 Cheap Trick would be back playing at Rock the Park and this was only a week or so after they played in Ottawa where this huge storm blew in while Cheap Trick was playing and crashed onto the stage.  Tons of media about the stage collapse, so if you have time, Google it.  Rick’s famous Uncle Dick guitar was damaged in this stage collapse, so I decided to make him an Uncle Dick guitar quilt.

Here is a photo of Rick carrying my Uncle Dick quilt to the side of the stage.  At the end of the concert, he held it up, said thank you into the microphone and hugged my quilt as he left the stage.

Uncle Dick over Rick's shoulder

A year later the Burpee Museum in Rockford had an exhibit of some of Rick’s guitar collection and memorabilia from his years in the music industry.  In one of the promo videos, you can see my Uncle Dick quilt in the bottom right corner- So I had to go down to Rockford and see it in the museum for myself! Here is a photo of me with my “museum quality” quilt!

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 7.23.00 AM_KDM9098 copy

In 2012 Cheap Trick would be once again in Toronto and I bought VIP tickets so I could meet the band before the show.  I had met them one by one at a show in Detroit a few years back but this was going to be the first official time I would meet them all together and get a photo with them.  They were performing their Dream Police album from to back for a few shows, so I made the Dream Police badge into a quilt.  On the black background I quilted the lyrics from the chorus of that song.


The fall of 2012 I was going to see Cheap Trick once again in Niagara Falls NY and made a Little Dick quilt.  It is the companion to the Uncle Dick quilt and it is the same cartoon figure from the Rockford CD cover.  I got to attend a meet and greet and give Rick this Little Dick quilt in person.

_KDM7123 copy

At the end of the show, Rick held up my quilt and walked across the stage to show the audience.  You can kind of see him in the photo between the checkerboard amps and the drum set.

Rick showing my quilt

Now in 2014, they are coming to Toronto to play in June.  I am making a Sound City quilt for Rick to recognize his playing guitar on the From Can To Can’t song on that CD.  I have a few links to my blog posts about this quilt so you can keep up to date on my progress.  I still have some time to get it done!

Sound City Quilt part 1

Sound City part 2

Sound City part 3

Here is a photo of it midway through the progress.

DSCN1574 copy


Here is the Sound City quilt I gave to Rick last night at the Meet and Greet before the concert. He asked me about the others I had given him so I guess he remembered me.  Kinda hard to forget someone that keeps giving him quilts I would think.  The M&G was so over so quickly- and the concert was amazing!  It was like I had my own personal show since I was the only one in the front row at the rail standing up for Cheap Trick.  The others around me were there for the other band and stayed sitting most of the night- who does that- GET UP PEOPLE!

Final Sound City Quilt


Might have been the best night ever last night! (June 23rd, 2015) Front row standing at the stage again!  Before the show Meet and Greet- where all 4 members of Cheap Trick got their own quilts.  Below are the quilts I was able to give to them that night- so exciting! And for anyone that may be reading this and knows some Cheap Trick songs- THEY PLAYED ANYTIME! This is my all time ever song I wanted to hear live- and finally I did!

This quilt is for Daxx as at the 35th Budokan Anniversary concert, he was playing the drums.




This quilt is for Rick as he owns the Piece Pizza restaurant in Chicago.


This quilt is for Robin as he sings in the super group- Kings of Chaos.


This quilt is for Tom as it is his cartoon Rockford person.


Here is an article that was in The Canadian Quilter magazine in 2013.  I wrote about all the Cheap Trick quilts I have made over the years and the few times I met with the band.

Canadian Quilter page 1 copy2_edited-1Canadian Quilter page 2

Here is another article that Quilts Inc published about my Cheap Trick quilts.

screen-shot-2016-05-10-at-6-34-44-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-05-10-at-6-34-34-pm-copy screen-shot-2016-05-10-at-6-34-25-pm-copy


2016 was a big year for Cheap Trick!  New album called Bang Zoom Crazy Hello and a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction!

Here they are cutting the ribbon to open the RRHOF exhibit in Cleveland.  I am so proud of them!


And here I am giving them their RRHOF quilts later that summer!


In 2017 I have 3 concerts planned- which will make #19, #20 and #21.  Stay tuned for more photos!


Here is a quilt I made for Daxx’s new baby- who I suspect will be a Cubs fan!



This is the backing fabric I had printed at Spoonflower.  It is a bunch of my ticket stubs- most specifically the best concert ever in Lewiston, NY where I heard them sound check Anytime and again heard it during the show!


And this is the front of a quilt I entered in a Cheap Trick Challenge that the Sinnissippi Quilt Guild had May, 2017.  This quilt guild is in Rockford, Cheap Trick’s hometown and they are honouring their induction to the RRHOF by displaying 10 member made quilts.  They let me participate in the challenge even though I am not a guild member, just a Cheap Trick fan!  The quilt was made with printed fabric of the band member autographs and I quilted the chorus to Surrender.


Here is a quilt I made for Robin Taylor Zander who is in That Band Smile.  This is their “logo” so made it into a quilt and gave it to Robin to give to his son.  His son is playing guitar and singing back up with Cheap Trick so it’s great to see another family member join the band!

This quilt is the Silver album cover and since in 2108 it was our silver wedding anniversary I thought it would be a great quilt to recreate.  

And here is my most recent quilt again for Daxx’s second son.  Made a matching quilt so that the two brothers wouldn’t fight over them (as I assume most siblings fight over everything) 

After the show Daxx came over and gave me the drum sticks he used to play that night, which pretty much made my year!